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As founders of HomeView™, we are passionate about improving the home buying experience for buyers and sellers. We believe in providing detailed, independent information on homes upfront to empower decision making. We give you the key to smoother transactions, and fewer failed or disrupted closings, more substantial offers, and less stress for all involved.

HomeView™ is the first web-based platform to provide complete and independent home inspection reports available for immediate download by buyers.

Much of the recent innovations in residential real estate transactions have focussed on the process. And the pandemic environment catapulted the value of virtual tools for home shoppers who cannot visit homes in person. Content such as video walkthroughs, 3D imaging, drone photography, and virtual floor plans are skyrocketing. However helpful in getting buyers to fall in love with a home’s appearance, these tools fail to offer any information about the home’s structural condition, which is crucial.

Our CEO, Dawn Preziosi, has closed more than one thousand home sales in her career. Her experience indicates that inspection-related negotiation deadlocks are the single most frequent cause of closing risks and heightened stress among parties. By conducting a HomeView™ inspection before listing a home, sellers can proactively address identified issues, eliminating deal-killing surprises later on. We believe that today’s buyers demand greater disclosure and reward forthright sellers with more confident, stronger purchase offers.

The founders of Homeview™include experts in real estate, home inspection, construction, technology, and finance. Our inspector network represents only the finest inspectors in any given market. Our dispatch method guarantees that inspections are free from bias.

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, we are here to serve your needs and eliminate the anxiety that often accompanies the home purchase process.

Our Team

Dawn Preziosi

Chief Executive Officer
Dawn has been a licensed real estate agent for more than 17 years, and was a key member of one of the most successful Keller Williams teams in the nation. She has personally closed more than one thousand transactions in her career. She is considered an expert on inspection-related issues and hails from a multi-generational commercial and residential construction family. Dawn is passionate about creating meaningful change that streamlines and improves the transaction process for buyers and sellers.

Matt Roggenburg

Matt has excelled for more than three decades as a senior finance professional at top tier financial institutions. He has also been involved in multiple start-up ventures during his career and shares Dawn’s vision of more stress-free real estate transactions. He is a licensed real estate broker in the State of North Carolina. Matt helps in the development at HomeView™ and guides strategy. He is also the primary point of contact for investor participation in the company.

Michael Burke

Head of Field Operations
Mike is an experienced licensed general contractor and a licensed home inspector. His 26-year career spans Michigan, North Carolina, and South Carolina. He provides leadership in identifying and building our inspector network. As a fellow specialist, Mike is well-equipped to assess the qualifications, expertise, and reputation of those we engage to add to the network. Mike is also responsible for determining individual state standards and requirements for inspectors and inspections.

Deepak Adinarayana

Chief Technology Officer
Deepak leads technology development for HomeView™. He is a veteran with more than 20 years in technology consulting and software sales. And as an entrepreneur, he is a driver and challenger. Deepak’s high energy, boundless enthusiasm, and skill at automating redundant tasks and processes provide the foundation to achieve our central vision at HomeView™.

Contact Us

We’re happy to speak with you directly about scheduling, questions, and other concerns. Contact us directly or use the contact form and an associate will respond as soon as possible. Our office hours are M-F 9am-6pm.

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