Buyer FAQ

The HomeView™ inspector’s report is designed to be understandable on its own. Our inspectors provide the required information set by the standards and practices for each state they are licensed. Most reports follow a similar format. Nonetheless, we know that sometimes buyers will have questions. While buyers may not directly contact the inspector about the report, the seller’s listing agent can be the best person to contact with questions about the home.

Questions might include:

• What repairs has the seller made? (assuming HomeView™ didn’t reinspect and update the report)
• What repairs if any is the seller willing to negotiate?
• Does the homeowner have estimates for a particular repair and, if so, can they share those estimates?
That's a question best answered by the particular inspector. Some may have concerns about potential conflicts. HomeView™ itself has no restrictions on a buyer's ability to engage the same inspector that prepared the seller's original pre-listing report for their own buyer inspection of the same home.
Yes, HomeView™ offers a multi-report discount for buyers. This discount and any other promotions are applied at the time of checkout.
HomeView™ goes to great lengths to separate the seller and their agent from any role in the inspector's selection process. HomeView™ assigns each job according to our proprietary algorithm. Our network inspectors have no incentive to bias a report when HomeView™ is the customer paying them. Furthermore, if an inspector displays a pattern of favoring either party, they will be excluded from future HomeView™ jobs.
HomeView™ offers a direct channel for buyers to request reports on properties that haven't had a HomeView™ inspection. When searching listings on our site, you will see two buttons on each listing, "Download Report" for available reports and "Request Report." When you click on the "Request Report" button, HomeView™ reaches out to the seller and their agent, letting them know that a buyer is interested in their home and requesting a report.
Your broker/agent best answers this question, but a pre-listing inspection performed by HomeView™ does not intend to be a direct substitute for a buyer’s own inspection or other appropriate due diligence. Our reports help buyers decide whether to make an offer, how much to offer, and identifies critical issues that may need attention.

In most states, the home inspection is generally part of the buyer’s due diligence process. There will be times when a buyer may opt to remove the inspection contingency, for example, in an aggressive bidding situation. In cases like these, our report would afford the buyer comfort when making that decision.
All reports have the date of the inspection marked, so buyers understand what the home’s condition is as of that date.

We offer all of our sellers the opportunity to let buyers know when they make repairs. The seller contacts us about the repairs, and we place an indicator on the HomeView listing communicating that the seller has represented that there have been remedial actions since the date of the report.

Downloaders get an addendum from HomeView briefly indicating the nature of the repairs and replacements. As we always encourage healthy dialogue between buyer and seller or their agent, we leave the details for discussion between them.

HomeView does not independently verify these repairs.

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