Serious buyers understand there is no such thing as a perfect house and appreciate as much independent detailed information as possible upfront. This knowledge enables them to adjust their expectations and decide if this is the house for them.

There are buyers for all types of homes in all kinds of conditions. However, experts will tell you that significant problems arise when buyers discover issues after their inspection that run counter to their initial assumptions. A HomeView™ report better aligns expectations with the actual condition, reducing the risk of a failed transaction, lost time, and frustration.
Knowledge is power for a seller as well as a buyer. If you cannot fix it or have limited funds to spend, determine with your agent the appropriate way to disclose the issue and deal with it. For example, providing estimates for potential repairs combined with the disclosure can go a long way towards reducing the buyer's anxiety. Most important is to avoid an untimely disaster when the seller is most vulnerable.
The HomeView™ platform is designed to allow for the public display of home inspection reports. We understand that sometimes a seller will change their mind and not want to display their report. With this possibility in mind, HomeView™ provides an opt-out feature that allows sellers to “turn off” the download listing for a nominal fee.
HomeView™ inspection reports should become available for download within 24 - 48 hrs from the time of the completion of your home inspection.
One of the compelling benefits of a pre-listing inspection is it gives the seller ample opportunity to make important repairs on their time table. Give yourself time to investigate different repair/replacement options and compare contractor price quotes in a reasonable, stress-free manner. Leaving the pre-listing inspection to the last minute erodes this opportunity.
Pre-listing inspections are not a new concept. Most experienced real estate agents/brokers understand and even advocate the benefits of having a pre-listing inspection. For example, this practice is common for relocation companies that do not occupy the homes they sell. They must assess the financial risks of acquiring a property through inspection. Agents frequently highlight the benefit of having an “early warning” to potential issues as sound practice. A seller gains valuable information from the inspection that can aid in future negotiations with buyers.
There is no reason that a seller cannot order their own inspection and make it available to potential buyers. However, we strongly believe that buyers will be skeptical of a report generated by an inspector chosen by the seller or their listing agent. Our business model places independent, unbiased reporting at the center of the process. Consequently, HomeView™ will not post reports on our platform from inspections that we did not direct.
HomeView™ conducts reasonable diligence, including background checks on the inspectors we accept into our network. Nevertheless, we never want a customer to feel they should be worried about their safety. If that becomes a concern, HomeView™ will work with the customer to arrange a different inspector or cancel the inspection order.
HomeView™ offers a discounted reinspection service. We will happily reinspect the repairs and update the inspection report, focusing primarily on items that have been updated since the last report. Due to the more narrow nature of the reinspection, we can only offer a “reinspection” if it takes place within 90 days of the initial inspection. After the reinspection report is complete, HomeView™ will replace the original inspection report with the updated one. And those buyers that downloaded the original report will automatically receive the updated HomeView™ report free of charge.
HomeView™ has strong relationships with the major inspection franchise networks. In addition, HomeView™ evaluates each market for potential network candidates based on experience and reputation. We do not charge inspectors a sourcing fee for jobs or a “platform membership fee” to be part of the network. Unlike some home services platforms, we don’t “bid out” inspections. We assign the best inspector for each job, paying them fair market value for their services.

All inspection fees paid by the homeowner are passed through to the inspector. HomeView™ uses our publicly-displayed inspection pricing across all standard inspections in any given market. We believe our model eliminates any concern for potential bias in the findings.
Reports are automatically no longer available for download once the home is recorded as "closed" in the multiple listing service (MLS). If a home is a "For Sale By Owner" we rely on the home seller to update our site's listing information to indicate the home has sold. We never distribute reports to 3rd parties once notified of closing.
HomeView™ takes no portion of the inspection fees paid by sellers to inspectors. HomeView™ primarily generates income from the revenue earned on inspection report downloads from homebuyers seeking greater clarity on a home's actual condition.
The short answer is no. HomeView™ charges uniform prices across any given market to fairly treat all inspectors, no matter which job they are assigned. That reinforces our goal of independence. Our inspection prices are updated periodically based on an evaluation of the local market.

HomeView™ experienced inspectors conduct a visual inspection of all key components of the home. While most items identified are minor or cosmetic, the core purpose of a home inspection is to find any defects that impact the home's structure, mechanics, and safety. These issues can derail a future home sale if not discovered upfront.

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