Home Condition Transparency Up Front

Typical home search platforms are like dating sites where you swipe left and right based upon a picture and little else. HomeView™ is more like an experienced matchmaker who knows the real person behind the pictures enabling a better match.

A HomeView™ comprehensive inspection report provides buyers with a precise picture of the homes they have serious interest in before writing an offer. Sellers also gain a much more complete understanding of their home’s true condition and won’t be blindsided by the buyer’s inspection report. Sellers may be concerned that they will learn unpleasant facts about their home that may generate necessary repairs. However, experienced agents will support that significant defects will come to the surface anyway, and frequently at the worst time in a transaction. Early detection gives sellers many more options in managing these issues.

Peace of Mind Home Inspections

The benefits of peace of mind home inspections for sellers can be powerful. By providing independent, in-depth disclosure on the home’s real-time condition, buyers can make more effortless decisions, and sellers can enjoy stronger offers.

The number one reason deals fall apart

after a home inspection is that the findings significantly change what the home buyer thought they were buying.

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