Independent Inspection You Can Trust

At HomeView™, our business model promotes ironclad independence between the seller and the inspector performing the work. We eliminate the fear of potential bias by choosing from our own approved licensed home inspectors network. The seller has no involvement.

A pre-listing inspection is not new to real estate. Many listing agents recommend that a seller have their home inspected before listing it for sale to gain insight into potential problems with the house. In these cases, the listing agent typically recommends an inspector they know. It’s not uncommon for the seller or agent to make that report available to a potential buyer. Unfortunately, buyers can be skeptical of a report that the seller or their agent directly commissioned, concerned the findings could be slanted in the seller’s favor.

The Best Home Inspection Resource for Buyers and Sellers

HomeView™ inspectors network is composed of fully-insured, state-licensed inspectors who have passed the HomeView™ screening requirements. Our network of inspectors is accountable only to HomeView™, providing buyers with a high level of assurance as to the report findings. Our goal is to emerge as the most trusted home inspection resource available for both buyers and sellers.



Almost half of people who bought a home in the past year made an offer on a property that they hadn’t seen in person. That’s up from just 28% during the same period last year.

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