Slash "Busted Deal" Risk with a Pre-Listing Inspection

You would be shocked at how many home sales fall apart before closing. It's especially true with newer buyers, hot markets, and older homes when buyers act quickly and stretch their budget.

Buyers and sellers often end up in a stalemate over problems identified during the buyer’s home inspection. These late-stage surprises make buyers nervous and can be exasperating for the seller. When an impasse occurs, it can derail a closing.

As a seller, you may need to relist your house, and now you’ve lost valuable days on market during peak selling season. Think of the cost and hassle of reversing moving arrangements. You may feel held over a barrel with costly and perhaps even unnecessary repairs or face the loss of a buyer when issues are revealed so late in the game. All of this can be avoided with a HomeView™ pre-listing inspection!

As a buyer, potential expensive repairs may surface after you’ve committed to non-refundable costs that can soar into the thousands. The seller may refuse to make the repairs, and you may not have the resources or the desire to take them on yourself. These situations often undermine the chance for a successful closing.

Conducting a HomeView™ inspection as a seller will alert you to any significant defects or repairs, giving you more control over remedies, a strengthened negotiating position, and a greater understanding of issues that can impede a buyer’s interest.

For buyers, the HomeView™ inspection report helps reveal vital issues before you commit to purchasing a home, potentially avoiding a significant loss of your time and money.



of all buyers

are first-time home buyers.

The average age of first-time buyers is 34, and 63% of those buyers are millennials.

SOURCE: Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report 2019