Reduce Your Home Search Costs

Visiting potential new homes can get expensive and be time-consuming, particularly if you are making a move to a new town or city. It’s not unusual to make multiple trips until the right house is both available and affordable. Flights, gas, hotels, meals, babysitters…it adds up quickly!

While virtual buying is becoming more common each day, many buyers, even younger buyers, prefer to find a home the traditional way.

Steps to Buying a House

We make the steps to buying a house easier by empowering you. Our unique, detailed home condition reports allow you to efficiently identify homes that fit your particular needs and pocketbook, erasing unproductive time, cost and effort. At HomeView™, we believe there is a right home for every type of buyer. While some buyers appreciate the opportunity to “tinker” with their home and make it uniquely their own, other buyers have neither the resources nor the experience to take on a “fixer-upper,” even if it’s a great value. HomeView™ tries to match home buyers with a home that fits their particular desires, resources, and capabilities.



of house hunters

looked to move to a different metro area in the second quarter of 2020- a record!

The average age of first-time buyers is 34, and 63% of those buyers are millennials.

SOURCE: Redfin, Survey: Almost half of recent homebuyers made an offer sight unseen, the highest share on record, July 30, 2020, by Lily Katz