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Reduce Your Home Search Costs

Visiting potential new homes can be expensive and time consuming, particularly when making a move to a new town or city. It’s not unusual to make multiple trips until the right house is both available and affordable.  

Home Condition Transparency Up Front

Typical home search platforms are like dating sites where you swipe left and right based upon a picture and little else. HomeView™ is more like an experienced matchmaker that knows the personality behind the pictures to create a better match.

Independent Inspections You Can Trust

A prelisting inspection is not new to real estate, many listing agents will recommend that a seller have their home inspected prior to listing for sale to give a seller advance warning of potential problems with the home. 

A HomeView™ Inspection report provides valuable information aimed to empower buyers in their home buying decision-making process. A HomeView™ inspection report is not a replacement for the buyer’s own due diligence.