How Do I Maximize the Value of My HomeView™ Inspection?

Do It Early

Homeowners are usually unaware of the things that are wrong with their home, even if they have lived in that home for several years. In many cases, the problems are not obvious during day-to-day living and use.

Update Your Report

HomeView’s™ reinspection feature provides sellers with the opportunity to replace their original inspection report with an updated report that reflects only the current home condition, after any repairs have been made.

Make It Visible

Studies shows us online buyers are more inclined to “self-research”  when buying electronics, cars, and even homes. They scour databases and third-party reviews.

Our Easy Process for Sellers

You or your listing agent orders a HomeView™ pre-listing inspection
HomeView™ works with you to book your appointment time
HomeView™ dispatches the inspection order to our proprietary inspector network
The inspector conducts the inspection and uploads the report to the HomeView™ cloud platform
Your report is immediately available for download by buyer(s)
You can choose to remediate defects
Notify HomeView to alert buyers to any post inspection remedies
HomeView updates listing on website and alerts prior downloaders of repairs.

For Sale by Owner?
No problem.

When a HomeView™ inspection report is listed on our platform, we populate the home description from the information provided by a real estate agent through its MLS listing.

For situations where you engage no listing agent, or when a listing has not yet been released on the local MLS, HomeView™ will ask you for information about your home to increase its marketing potential. Typical information requested includes the year built, number of bedrooms and baths, and the sale price to maximize the results of your pre-inspected home listing to homebuyers visiting our site.

Why Trust Our Home Inspector Network?

The inspector network for HomeView™ consists of our own handpicked experts that meet all state licensing requirements, are highly experienced, and have earned a strong reputation for thoroughness and professionalism. HomeView™ partners with some of the nation’s leading home inspection franchisors, ensuring consistency and quality in both the on-site inspection and the formal report. Our platform does not “bid” jobs to inspectors looking for leads, and inspectors cannot pay to enter our network. We dispatch inspections to an independently-selected inspector from our own vetted network. We are their client, and their primary accountability is to HomeView™. Our model eliminates any perception of bias in report findings and builds trust for your potential homebuyers.

Ready to get started?

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