Made Repairs?...Inform Buyers

HomeView’s platform provides sellers a unique feature to notify potential buyers about repairs and updates made since the time of the inspection report.

Frequently, a seller will repair or replace items identified as defects in the original HomeView™ pre-listing inspection report. To ensure that buyers are made aware of the home’s most up to date condition, the seller’s HomeView™ listing will contain not only a badge showing an available inspection report, but also an indicator that highlights the seller has undertaken repairs and/or replacements since the date of the report. We encourage direct dialogue between buyers and the seller or their representative. Consequently, details of those remedies can be provided on request to the seller or their agent.

Any buyers who previously downloaded the HomeView™ report will be alerted via email that the seller has made repairs, and to contact the seller or their agent for details. Now, sellers have confidence that buyers see the “best version” of their home, resulting in more substantial offers and an improved negotiating position.

3 in 10

prospective buyers would buy a home without taking an in-person tour.

42% of Millennials, 31% of Gen-Xers, and 10% of Baby Boomers say they would buy a home they hadn’t seen in person.

SOURCE: Bizwomen, Home buyers warm up to virtual home touring, survey finds. June 4, 2020, Caitlin Mullen